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Fresh Flamingo

You’re busy, busy, busy, but you want to eat healthy, right? Eating healthy takes some planning, shopping, preparing and packing.

It’s hard to find the time to do all that when you have errands to run, family obligations, appointments, meetings and plenty of chores to do.

Fresh Flamingo is here to help. Order online and we will deliver a healthy meal of your choice to your office between 9 am and 12 pm, just in time for lunch!

We have pre-made healthy meals that will fit your particular food preferences. All our meals are made and packed fresh daily and they are completely microwavable. We offer a different menu every day filled with many choices.

Fresh Flamingo is passionate about our healthy food delivered concept because we want to fuel our customers with nutritional food to get them through their busy days. We truly believe that delicious food and good nutrition are two peas in a pod filled with flavor and creativity. Our food will make you feel good.

Fresh Flamingo offers healthy alternatives to fit your lifestyle whether you want comfort food, low-calorie dishes, a fitness diet, a vegan or vegetarian menu or gluten/dairy free selections. We use only the freshest ingredients from as many local farmers as possible. We focus on a farm-to-table philosophy and we prefer organic produce, plus meats and seafood that are wild caught, organic, grass-fed and free-range whenever possible. We make everything from scratch just like you would do, including all of our sauces, marinades, specialties and recipes.

At Fresh Flamingo, we use a controlled system of advanced food preparation called Cook-Chill. We fully cook the food and then we rapidly chill it and store it at controlled temperatures to maintain the quality, nutritional value, flavor and appearance. Quality, safety and proper food handling are our first priorities.

Fresh Potatoes Office Lunch Delivery
Fresh ingredients chosen for Fresh Flamingo's lunches
Hello, I’m Patrik Malatinszki

I’m 30 and I’m the proud owner of Fresh Flamingo.

I knew early in life that I wanted to make a culinary contribution to the world so I started taking classes in high school like hospitality, gastronomy and tourism. (I was lucky to have a high school that offered some extra special subjects!)

I continued my education at Saint Istvan University in Hungary where I studied
Marketing and Food Marketing. I finished college as a chef and moved to London, England where I worked as a chef and a waiter at an Italian restaurant, and that’s where I learned the best of both worlds.

In 2012, I moved to Sarasota, FL and I worked at Venezia restaurant on St. Armand’s Circle for four years. I learned quickly about the American lifestyle, where everybody is busy all the time and they work hard at the office. And while everyone is focusing on doing a good job with this running life, I saw that it was hard for many to find a balance to meet all the daily challenges and still eat healthy. I did some research on hard-working people and their dining habits, and I realized that you are what you eat and a healthy life equals a healthy mind. This is how you accomplish your best performance and that was the main reason I developed Fresh Flamingo.

I love to eat and I love good and healthy food, plus I enjoy cooking. My goal is to share my culinary experiences and my knowledge with more people, and the best way I know how to help is to take my healthy food straight to your offices.

Fresh Flamingo offers a great variety for lunch with a different menu every day that’s healthy, delicious and delivered directly to your place of work.
My passion is to make it easy for busy people to eat healthy at lunchtime.
Your next lunch is just a click away on my website.

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