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Enjoy a fresh seafood meal every day prepared with shrimp, salmon, cod, mahi mahi with a starch and a side plenty of  sautéed or steamed vegetables.


Looking for plant based meals with lots of flavor? This option is perfect for you! We prepare all kinds of fresh vegetables and serve them with  sweet potatoes, Basmati rice, brown Basmati rice or pasta.


Looking for low calorie, high protein meals that will compliment your active lifestyle or aid in weight loss? This is the plan for you! Our fitness meals are made with a lean protien, mostly chicken or turkey and served with lots of steamed or sautéed vegetables and smaller helping of Basmati rice or sweet potatoes.


All of your favorites made just the way you like them! This menu features all of the homemade classics like lasagna, sausage and potatoes, pulled pork and more. Higher calorie meals perfect for cheat days or when you want a little taste of home!


Are you following the keto diet or looking for low carb, high protein, high fat (we mean the good kind) option? Look no further than this delicious meal plan. We cut the carbs and never sacrifice on flavor!

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